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Sustainability all'ABINEA


We heat particulary climate-friendly

With our combined heat and power plant, there are far fewer emissions than when heating with oil or other fuels

Energy management system using myGEKKO

Heat recovery from the coolers

Ecological cooling of the cold sauna using cold water at the same time heating of the hot water


We have charging stations for E-Cars (service not included) and E-Bikes and with Mobil Live Card the mobility becomes sustainable

Local products/Restaurant

We give preference to local producers, breeder and suppliers

We don't use plastic bottles in our restaurant, but personalized glass bottles and we produce the mineral water directly


For the sake of the environment, we disinfect our pools using salt electrolysis. This method is not only gentle on the environment, but also avoids irritation of the eyes and drying out of the skin

The flower on the balconies are watered by a special irrigation system, which means that much less water is needed


For our wellness treatments we use certifed natural cosmetics from South Tyrol

We don't use disposable products for cups and glas in the Spa area


We wash our linen with a Bio-certifed detergent

Shampoo, shower gel and soap are in refillable dispenser, we rely on the quality of the products and sustainable packaging

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