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Fishing in the mountain lakes in Alto Adige
Fishing in Kastelruth with breathtaking panorama of the Dolomites

Enjoy the peace while fishing in the Dolomites of South Tyrol

Fishing in the mountains of South Tyrol is the real, original challenge: it is about the art of the right bait selection, practiced observation and clever interpretation. Take the fishing rod and enjoy the tranquility - fishing in South Tyrol will inspire you! Fishing in the mountains offers a very special experience: sitting at the crystal-clear mountain lake, enjoying the breathtaking panorama of the Dolomites and inhale the fresh alpine air. While the fishing rod is ejected and waiting for the big catch ... Come to us at the ABINEA DOLOMITI Hotel in South Tyrol and fish in the mountain lakes around Kastelruth. Get in touch with us and try something new!

South Tyrol is one of the most beautiful fishing areas. Enjoy the wide range of mountain lakes, streams and rivers. As a guest you can fish here without a fisherman's test. Just get a 10-year fishing license and a fishing water day ticket.

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