Majestic beauty of the Dolomites
The Dolomites: hiking, climbing, kiting, experiencing
Die Dolomiten in Südtirol
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The Dolomites: hiking, climbing, kiting, experiencing

The Dolomites consist of fossilized algae and calcareous deposits. They grew for 250 years in the Thetis sea and came to surface by the decline of the sea level. They are a UNESCO World Heritage site and are popular between hikers and nature lovers. Many of the highlights in the Dolomites are right in front of the entrance of our ABINEA Hotel in the Dolomites: Grödental, Sellagebirge, Alpe di Siusi and Rosengartengruppe. The Dolomitenhotel ABINEA is your ideal starting point for hiking, climbing and biking in all levels of difficulty. Our ABINEA Hotel is located in Kastelruth, close to the Alpe di Siusi - Seiser Alm. Even the name of our ABINEA Hotel have been derived from the Dolomites: ABINEA means "to arise, to shape, to become" and refers to the Dolomites. Experience and enjoy your holiday in the Dolomites and be pampered in our ABINEA Hotel in the Dolomites. It is a special pleasure for us to welcome you and to offer you a unique holiday in the Dolomites. We stand for wellness, SPA and romance.

Why should you visit the Dolomites?

  • The Dolomites for climbers: in the Dolomites you will find one of the most beautiful and unique climbing areas in the Alps.
  • The Dolomites for geologists and rock lovers: The Dolomites are a real treasure of fossils and glittering stones. The geologist's path from Seis to the Alpe di Siusi is probably the most famous.
  • The Dolomites for historians and lovers of history: the monuments, relics and hiking trails that once led to the front are a way to discover the history of the Dolomites during the war.
  • The Dolomites for botanists and flower lovers: the existence of acidic and basic soils next to each other is the cause for a great variety of flowers, especially in May and in June you will find a flower splendor on the Alpe di Siusi - Seiser Alm.
  • The Dolomites for gourmets or lovers of good food: gourmets in the Dolomites or in South Tyrol will experience a great cuisine, because the South Tyrolean cuisine, with its good mixture of rural dishes and Mediterranean dishes, is really healthy and tasty.
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