BIKE and HIKE: Lake Antermoia

An e-bike is perfect for the first part of this tour, as it saves you energy for the actual hiking tour and is better on your knees on the way back. It's also a good way to go to remote places such as Lake Antermoia and the corresponding mountain hut as a day trip, which would otherwise be rather far.

  • Please remember to bring the following: Cablecar ticket, bike, helmet, sturdy shoes, backpack with rainwear and drinks, banana and bar
  • Partenza: 8:00 am cablecar valley station at the Alps Activ office
  • Time with bike: 2 h
  • Walking time: 5 h
  • Difference in altitude: 700 + 1100 m
  • Alpine Hut: Yes
  • Distance: 22 + 10 km
  • Arrival: approx. 5 pm

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